Move Ahead Coaching, LLC

Holly Whitacre, MEd

Life Coach


About My Logo:
"The Heart & Flower"

Move Ahead Coaching, LLC Logo


The heart & flower shape was inspired by copper work done by my Grandfather, a Coppersmith from Germany. His strong work ethic, gifted artistry, and bravery in moving to America have always inspired me.

The Heart represents all that we have inside: our skills, abilities, experience, and knowledge. The Flower is the growth we each desire and seek in our life.

Together, I believe, they form the essence of coaching:
To help you grow what's already inside of you & to help you acheive your goals.

The logo was designed & hand-painted in watercolor by Jason Rockacy, Rockacy Creative Studios.


About Coaching

Coaching is an experience where the Client brings a goal to the session and makes it clear to the Coach where they’d like to be at the end of the session. It is the Coach’s job to use active listening and a variety of questioning strategies to get the Client to that end with strategies in hand. 


My Focus

I work with women and specialize in supporting women with children who are seeking to also focus on their own goals.


Coaching is NOT therapy, rather it is a strategy devising a plan of action designed to achieve specific outcomes.

 Life coaching is distinct from advice, consulting, counseling, mentoring and therapy. The coaching process takes on specific professional projects, personal goals and transitions by analyzing the current situation, identifying existing and potential challenges and obstacles and devising a plan of action designed to achieve specific outcomes.

  • Coaching is not Therapy.
  • I am not a Therapist or a Counselor.
  • In Coaching we do not dig into your past to gather ideas to move you forward.
  • In Coaching we start with where we are, brainstorm ideas about how to move forward, and come up with a specific plan to get you where you want to go.
  • It is possible that Coaching will not be the right fit for you. If I see that, I will let you know. If you see that, let me know.
  • When we talk for the first time to do the Complimentary Coaching Session we will both focus on whether we are the right fit. If we aren’t a good match for Coaching we need to be transparent about that and I can give ideas about next steps you may want to consider.


Holly Whitacre, MEd

  • I am passionate about encouraging others.
  • I love to listen to people and support them in that way.
  • I became a Coach because I love to support people by helping them define the goals that they are seeking to accomplish.
  • I love the co-creative process, where the Client and I each bring insights to the Coaching session and come up with ideas together.
  • I’m committed to working with women and have a special concentration on working with Moms with young children who are seeking to meet family goals and keep an eye to their own goals as well.



Coach Training Alliance

Professional Coach

Xavier University

Master in Education
Special Education: Gifted Education

University of Cincinnati

Bachelor of Science in Education
Elementary Education